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Popular Features of Today’s Video Games

Four Most Popular Features of Today’s Video Games

Video arcade style games have been gaining in popularity for almost four decades from the early
days when Pac-Man
machines were located in almost every corner store around the nation. You
would have been hard-pressed to find a 7-Eleven anywhere in the country that didn’t have a Pac-
Man game and there was usually a line waiting to get a turn to make it through the various levels of
mazes. Today’s video games are too numerous to count so it leaves you to wonder why they are so
popular? Actually, there are four key elements that comprise a popular video game and why those
that have each of these features move on to become best sellers.

Interactive Storylines

No matter what game you pick up today, the best sellers will almost always start with a basic
storyline. As the game progresses, you can change the outcomes and this is what makes it so exciting
for players. If they don’t like the direction their plays are taking them in, they can often go back a
level and change circumstances. Some games don’t have a ‘backwards’ feature once you have
completed a level unless you start back at the very beginning, but hey, that’s okay too if you are
really into it!

Amazing Graphics

Don’t expect a game with inferior graphics to go anywhere. Some are so real that you wouldn’t
believe the characters weren’t there live as on a television show. Just go back a few years and
compare the physical appearance and movements of characters and you will be absolutely amazed
at how far graphics have advanced. It was only in the last decade that NBA players looked like
Gumby and Pokey rubber people but today, those same NBA players could almost be there playing a
real game you were watching live.

Intellectual Challenge

For true gamers, the intellectual challenge is what it’s all about. Consider how many people will sit
for hours at a time working through teaser puzzles at the kitchen table. Stave teaser puzzles are a
great example of just how much people enjoy a mental challenge. Video games are so much like
teaser puzzles that it’s uncanny. Just as the puzzle outline is easy to assemble, the basic storyline
gives players the outline but it is what happens in the play that becomes the challenge. Video games
that aren’t challenging just don’t sell.

Multi-Player Mode

Unless you are a hermit, there is no fun in playing a video game hour after hour without a bit of
socialization and friendly competition. Games of today hook up through the internet so that multi-
player mode
can bring you to a group of people working together (or as mortal combatants) which
adds a whole new dimension to the game. Some can be played solo while others need multiple players.

These are the four most popular, the four most important features of video games, so if you are new
to gaming, this is what you need to look for. You want a great storyline that you can finish, amazing
graphics, an intellectual challenge and the ability to play with others to liven up the game. If any one
of those elements are missing, you probably just won’t be satisfied.