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Light Runner

Plays: 37631 times.

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Description: Half endless runner, half launcher game, Light Runner is a unique mash-up of two popular genres. First: try to get as far as you can. Second: upgrade your bike in the shop. Third: go for an even higher score. The game play is addictive and endless and players will feel compelled to keep pushing for an even higher score..
Tags: light runner, canabalt, robot, unicorn, attack, endless, runner, launcher, upgrade, upgrades, tron, unique, retro, computer, hacker, twune, jump, one, button, simple, fun, arcade

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1lirinlfc25880904 29 12
2HexxitShot758311 11 13
3HexxitShot724211 11 13
4HexxitShot606411 11 13
5HexxitShot598311 11 13
6Luiiz583406 22 12
7Luiiz569406 22 12
8HexxitShot545211 11 13
9HexxitShot523010 17 13
10HexxitShot464810 17 13

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